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Board of Directors

Eli Assoolin

Eli Assoolin

Co-founder, CEO and Chairman of the Board

Eli brings to Newsight Imaging more than 24 years of experience in the semiconductor and sensor technology industries.

Before establishing Newsight imaging, Eli held key positions in chip design and computer-aided design (CAD) in several leading companies including Motorola, DSP Group, Magma ICCOM, Transchip and others. He also served as the general manager of Maple Technologies.

Eli holds a BSc in computer science and an Executive MBA from Bar-Ilan University.

Eyal Yatskan

Eyal Yatskan

Co-founder, CTO & Board Member

Eyal brings to Newsight Imaging more than 25 years of experience in the semiconductor industry.

Prior to co-founding Newsight, Eyal held CTO, R&D manager and VLSI department manager positions (very large-scale integration) in full custom ASIC/FPGA (application-specific integrated circuit and field-programmable gate array) design at leading semiconductor corporations. Among others, Eyal served as consulting VLSI director at Rachip and director Chip Design at TransChip.

He is a senior lecturer at the Holon Institute of Technology, High-tech Experts Training and Chip Design Collage. Eyal holds a BA in computer engineering from the Technion and an MBA from Boston University.

Dr. Li Likai

Dr. Li Likai

Founder of Guangsheng & Partners

Dr. Li Likai is founder and partner of Guangsheng & Partners Attorneys-at-law (G&P) and managing partner of Ennohub Venture.

Dr. Li is chairman of Ennohub Technology and a managing partner of Ennohub Venture, an investment fund for startups. Dr. Li has been appointed by the Chinese government as one of the board members of the Organizing Committee of China “Innovation Summit.”

Dr. Li served as government legal counsel in the PRC Ministry of Commerce for many years. He became a limited partner of Sequoia Capital China in 2007.

Mr. Li teaches executive courses as adjunct professor for EMBA students in leading universities in China. He has written two books: Open Innovation: Massive Collaboration Changes the World and Technological Startup: Built to be Great.

Dr. Li holds a PhD from Queen’s University, Canada.

Shi Bing

Frank Chen

Finance Director of Infore Group, Managing Director of Infore Capital

Mr. Frank served as Head of Tax at Midea Group since 2007 up to July 2016. He also served before as Senior Auditor at Ernst & Young between 2004 to July 2007.

Since July 2016, Mr. Frank serves as a Finance Director at Infore Group, as part of the Board secretary and as member of the investment committee. Mr. Frank graduated from Zhejiang University of Business Administration (BBA) and has a master’s degrees in Management Science and Technology.

Claire Zhao

Claire Zhao

VP Infinity Capital

Ms. Claire Zhao joined Infinity in 2017, now served as Vice President of the company ,assisted the President in all aspects. Before joined Infinity, she worked in Foxconn Group, Crowehorwath According firm, Guotai Junan Leading Capital, Tianshan Fund, has rich experience in investment M&A, strategic planning and operational management, auditing and project financial DD.

Claire holds MBA degree from Sun Yat-sen University, Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Shenzhen (local leading talent) high-level professionals.