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Eli Assoolin

Eli Assoolin

Co-founder, CEO and Chairman of the Board

Eli brings to Newsight Imaging over 24 years of experience in the semiconductor industry and sensor technology.

Before establishing Newsight imaging, Eli has held key positions in chip design and CAD in several leading companies, including Motorola, DSP Group, Magma ICCOM, Transchip and others. He has also served as the General Manager of Maple Technologies.

Eli holds a BSc. CS, and holds an Executive-MBA from the Bar Ilan University.

Eyal Yatskan

Eyal Yatskan

Co-founder, CTO & board member

Eyal brings to Newsight Imaging more than 25 years of experience in the semiconductor industry.

Prior to founding Newsight, Eyal held CTO, R&D manager and VLSI department manager positions in full custom ASIC/FPGA design at leading semiconductor corporations. Among others, Eyal served as Consulting VLSI Director at Rachip and Director Chip Design at TransChip.

He is a Senior Lecturer at the Holon Institute of Technology, Hightech Experts Training and CDC.

Eyal holds a BA in Computer Engineering from the Technion and an MBA from Boston University.

Beny Bar

Beny Bar


Beny is an experienced industry veteran with over 33 years of experience in the semiconductor industry. Beny has held key positions as analog and digital chip designer and layout manager at National Semiconductor. Among others, Beny has established the Avanti and Apache offices in Israel.

Beny was also a VP at VLSI of the DSP Group and has served as the Sales Account Manager Technology at Cadence Design Systems.

Beny holds a B.Sc. in Electronics Engineering from the Ben Gurion University.

Yaron Cohen

Yaron Cohen


Yaron has vast experience as the Chief Financial Officer. He has worked for several global companies in the fields of electric infrastructures, e-commerce and renewable energy.

Yaron specialises in fundraising, cooperating with global boards of’ directors and venture capital firms. He played a crucial role in establishing global subsidiaries all over the word mostly in China and Hong Kong, where he led the intricate financial, operational and tax processes.

Yaron was responsible for public and private companies in his role as manager at BDO.

Yaron has a C.P.A license, M.B.A and B.A titles in, from the faculty of finance and accounting from the College of Management in Israel.