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Sensor-based Chips for Barcode Scanners

Newsight imaging sensor-based chips provide advanced barcode reading capabilities. Newsight’s cutting edge technology allows to significantly reduce cost while retaining superior accuracy and performance for farther distances, leading the innovative front for industrial sensing applications. These advanced sensors deliver multiple improvements to the manufacturing process, enabling an innovative way for products to be made faster, with better quality and at lower cost.

Barcode Scanners

Newsight’s products are already available in the market- The NSI3000, The NSI3100, decode 1D barcodes, while upcoming sensors will provide 2D and QR. The chip’s larger pixels contribute to ultra-high sensitivity level, combined with Newsight’s special super resolution algorithm, lead to the outstanding capability of an effective resolution of 8192 pixels in a line. This special algorithm allows not only exceptional barcode reading but enables identification of noisy images. Newsight’s products work in a higher speed of 40,000fps, a significant advantage for industrial applications, allowing fast accurate sensing for any fast product lines in logistics or manufacturing. Another outstanding ability is the Distance Measurement Mode, which allows barcode reading and distance measurement combination, due to the sensor’s multiple configuration mode.

Newsight provides full development kit including PCB, sensor, lens and related software, combined with close support to allow faster prototype development.

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