Newsight Imaging establishes an Advisory Board for the Chief Technology Officer 2018-03-22T14:51:29+00:00

Newsight Imaging establishes an Advisory Board for the Chief Technology Officer

Two senior researchers have joined the Board: Prof. Mor Peretz of Ben Gurion University and Dr. Avi Karsenty, of the Jerusalem College of Technology (JCT) – Lev Academic Center

Ness Ziona, March 18, 2018, Newsight Imaging, a startup from Ness Ziona that develops sensors (chips) for machine vision geared to the robotics, automotive, Industry 4.0 and mobile devices markets, today announced completion of the first stage in the establishment of a Technology Advisory Board to advise the Company’s chief technology officer. The Advisory Board has been joined by Prof. Mor Peretz, Director of the Center for Power Electronics and Integrated Circuits at Ben Gurion University. Prof. Peretz, who obtained his doctorate from Ben Gurion University, has published approximately 100 scientific papers, been granted 15 patents, also serves as an editor at two leading IEEE journals, all achieved before the age of 40. Shortly afterwards, another member was added to the Advisory Board: Dr. Avi Karsenty, Head of the Physics/ Electro-Optics Engineering Department at the JCT – Lev Academic Center.

Dr. Karsenty, who holds a double doctorate in applied physics (electro-optics and microelectronics) from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, also has substantial achievements to his name: he is a senior member of international bodies IEEE and OSA, has 22 years of experience in the high-tech industry in Israel and abroad, including 16 years at Intel as a senior engineer and manager, has published numerous papers, and has been the recipient of close on 40 physics and engineering prizes. Dr. Karsenty specializes in three main areas of research: in the development of electro-optical nano devices, in the development of electro-optic measurement techniques, and in chip quality and reliability. In addition to his position as head of the department, he has also served as head of the HaEytanim program for placing outstanding students in industry, a program that he conceived and devised, and he currently heads the Advanced Laboratory of Electro-Optics (ALEO)and the Nanotechnology Center, which he founded at the JCT – Lev Academic Center.

Eyal Yatskan, CTO: “I am very pleased to add Dr. Karsenty and Prof. Peretz to the Advisory Board. Having them in the Company’s think tank definitely brings about immediate scientific breakthroughs, and greatly increases the capacity for academic analysis of the technology that we are developing, considered trailblazing in every respect. Our technology incorporates advanced sensors for machine vision, which have already achieved exceptional results in measurements in the laboratory as well as at our first customers. As a young and small startup, we have to be several years ahead of the industry in order to provide our customers and investors with value, and establishment of the Advisory Board is an important milestone in achieving this aim”.