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Phase 1 Technology Now Representing Newsight Imaging High Performance CMOS Sensors

Now representing high performance CMOS sensors from Newsight Imaging, premier distributor Phase 1 Technology is proud to be expanding its sensor solutions for a variety of machine vision, robotics, drones, autonomous vehicles and automated vision applications.

“We are pleased to be representing Newsight Imaging’s high-performance line scan CMOS sensors,” said Rusty Ponce de Leon, CEO of Phase 1 Technology. “Products are available for short-range, pulse-based LiDAR (light detection and ranging) applications, including autonomous vehicles and ADAS, as well as robotics, barcode scanners that read 1D and 2D, AR (augmented reality)/ VR (virtual reality), and a wide variety of Industry 4.0 factory automation applications. An outstanding feature of the NSI3000 is the effective use of large pixels and small pixels. Composed of 8 rows of 2048 pixels each, of which 4 rows are of 4µm x 8µm pixels and 4 rows are of 4µm x 4µm pixels, the sensor achieves ultra-high sensitivity and an effective resolution of 8192 pixels with low power dissipation, all in a compact size. The sensor also achieves high frame rates and processing capabilities. For OEMs and engineers looking to test the sensor for their specific applications, an Evaluation Board is also available.”

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About Phase 1 Technology

Established in 1986, Phase 1 Technology Corp. is one of the oldest and most respected distributors of industrial vision and automated imaging cameras and components in the United States. A vertically integrated distributor of customer-tailored solutions with an extensive inventory of the industry’s premier manufacturers of CCD and CMOS cameras, sensors, cables, image acquisition boards, lenses, lighting and software products, Phase 1 Technology offers all of the vital components used in the design and development of high-performance automation imaging systems. In addition to providing value-added programs that support engineering and manufacturing environments, Phase 1 Technology maintains an extensive network of highly-trained application specialists to ensure immediate response and consistent technical support for the duration of each project. Serving a wide range of industrial and commercial applications such as machine vision, microscopy, factory automation, robotics, agriculture, medical, pharmaceutical, UAV/drones, autonomous vehicles, ADAS, intelligent traffic systems, and others, Phase 1 Technology’s customers include OEMs, system integrators, end-users, researchers, developers, and scientists. Visit or call (888) 431-7941.

About Newsight Imaging

Newsight Imaging Ltd. ( develops advanced CMOS image sensor chips, providing 3D solutions for high volume markets. The chip’s sensor is manufactured using CMOS technology with ultra-high sensitivity pixels, replacing more expensive CCD sensors and other camera modules in LiDAR applications for robotics, automotive (ADAS and Car safety) and drones as well as in other markets, such as mobile depth cameras, AR/VR, Industry 4.0 and barcode scanners.

Newsight’s NSI3000 family is already in the market with high-volume customers and a big pipeline of evaluations. Newsight’s patent-pending eTOF (Enhanced Time-of-Flight) Technology bridges the gap between short-distance iTOF and the long-distance requirement of the automotive industry by extending the dynamic range while retaining high accuracy.