Slamtec Selects Newsight’s CMOS image sensors for its Advanced SLAM solution 2018-08-05T09:06:56+00:00

Slamtec Selects Newsight’s CMOS image sensors for its Advanced SLAM solution

Shanghai, China / Ness Ziona, Israel –August 2, 2018Slamtec, a leading global service provider and industry pioneer in autonomous localization and navigation systems today announced that it has selected Newsight’s CMOS Image sensors for its advanced SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) solutions.

A global developer of Lidar, SLAM based navigation systems and a service robot platform, Slamtec has over 2000 industrial customers across Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania. The company’s products include RPLIDAR, 360 degree rotating laser radar, SLAMWARE, a modular autonomous positioning navigation solution, ZEUS, a universal robot development platform, and ZEUS series products: Jupiter and Aries (smart advertising robots), and the Tauru (smart delivery) robot.

Shikai Chen, founder and CEO of Slamtec: “SLAMTEC is dedicated to providing high-performance autonomous navigation systems and LIDAR sensors to our customers worldwide. SLAMWARE is a cutting-edge solution with highly integrated LIDAR SLAM and navigation systems enabling the robots to meet the challenging requirements of real life applications. We are pleased to have chosen Newsight’s image sensor products for their high quality and performance.”

Eli Assoolin, CEO and co-founder of Newsight Imaging: “We are delighted to work closely with Slamtec on the integration of our product. Our Chinese team at the Jiashan office, together with Israeli R&D and FAE support, was able to demonstrate that Newsight chips are capable of meeting Slamtec’s high-end standards and requirements. Having an expert company such as Slamtec select our solutions and use them for its advanced SLAM products is a great achievement. We look forward to continuing our close collaboration and to providing the world with our disruptive technology and products.”

About Slamtec

SLAMTEC is the world leading service provider and industry pioneer in autonomous localization and navigation. With decades of experience in developing robot autonomous localization and navigation and related core sensors, SLAMTEC products currently include: RPLIDAR, the consumer-oriented laser range scanner; SLAMWARE, the modular system for realizing autonomous localization and navigation based on SLAM; and ZEUS, a general-purpose service robot development platform. This creates a new industry: a service robot with autonomous localization and navigation.

SLAMTEC has business from over 20 countries, primarily across Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania, and more than 2000 industry customers in all. SLAMTEC works assiduously on technology development and product iteration to provide customers with high-performance autonomous localization and navigation products and sensors, as well as efficient and reliable service at all times.

About Newsight Imaging

Newsight Imaging Ltd. ( develops advanced CMOS image sensor chips, providing 3D solutions for high volume markets. The chip’s sensor is manufactured using CMOS technology with ultra-high sensitivity pixels, replacing more expensive CCD sensors and other camera modules in LiDAR applications for robotics, automotive (ADAS and Car safety) and drones as well as in other markets, such as mobile depth cameras, AR/VR, Industry 4.0 and barcode scanners.

Newsight’s NSI3000 family is already in the market with high volume customers and a big pipeline of evaluations. Newsight’s patent-pending eTOF (Enhanced Time-of-Flight) Technology bridges the gap between short-distance iTOF and the long-distance requirement of the automotive industry by extending the dynamic range while retaining high accuracy.