The NSI5000 is designed as an integrated solution for Long range Lidar applications while combining top DSP controller which enables complex calculations for depth and machine vision.

The NSI5000 is highly programmable and flexible for tailoring Lidar solutions for long range applications like ADAS, drones and autonomous cars. The user can take advantage of the processing capabilities along with internal memories to tailor the chip for their specific solutions.

The chip holds all required logic to control and synchronize with a laser systems, providing control signals, capture reflected beam and calculating the distance.

The High-speed DSP is used to support laser range-finding calculations, machine vision parameters, 3D analysis and more.

  • The NSI5000 enables the customer to add his own algorithms to run on the DSP.
  • A Hardware accelerator based on innovative technology, enhances the sensor sensitivity and allows support for long range distance.

Available in Mid- 2018

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