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The NSI3000EVB board provides customers with the means to evaluate and activate NSI3000 family image sensors while connecting to a PC or Android system.

The board, which easily connects via USB connector, allows the customer to use the FPGA (field programmable gate array) on-board to interface with the chip, control it and process the data on its way to the demo application.

The board comes with PC/Android drivers, an application to program the sensor and the FPGA, and various presentation modes to check the chip in all modes of operation.

The quick small evaluation board has the following features:

  • FT2232HQ Dual, Hi-Speed USB UART/FIGO IC used for connecting the FPGA through USB communication
  • Altera Cyclone 2 – EP2C5F256C8N FPGA capable of running large circuits synthesized from Verilog or VHDL, and a built-in flash drive to retain the programming when the power is off
    • Ultra-fast FPGA configuration and reconfiguration over USB (under 0.1 second)
    • 4,608 embedded FPGA logic elements (about 80,000 gates)
    • 26 embedded logic RAM elements (119Kbits)
    • FPGA-PC USB data transfer at up to 40M
  • FTDI drivers for Windows and Android
  • An application program with complete setup for the sensor
  • A configuration utility to choose a configuration setup for the sensor