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The NSI5900 is designed for 3D accurate applications like face recognition (e.g. ATM machines), using full VGA 640 x 480 10µm x 10µm pixels. Supported distance can reach over 15 meters. Accumulation over several illumination cycles improves sensitivity to low light conditions, dynamic range, and accuracy with low power dissipation and compact size.

The NSI5900 is designed for global shutter operation and column parallel output, allowing better analysis and reaction to events.

The sensor is manufactured in CMOS BSI technology, with extremely high sensitivity pixels supporting 400-940 µm (optimized to 940). The high sensitivity allows the sensor to reach much higher distances than existing sensors.

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1-2 Channels parallel video output, configurable. 


I2c + proprietary


  • Noise cancellation mode
  • Automatic ambient light subtraction
  • Power Down, Sleep and Test modes
  • VGA 640 x 480 pixels (10×10 micron)
  • Lateral Electric Field Modulation (LEFM) iTOF Imager – innovative Pixel
    • Extremely high sensitivity pixels
    • Four detection junctions for longer distance measurements
    • Charge acceleration mechanism within pixel
    • Charge accumulation within each pixel in the analog domain
    • 3D Full depth information of Each pixel
  • Per-frame external configuration support and scenario
    • HDR – Increased dynamic range by combining 2 or more frames with different exposure
    • Frame type scheduler
    • Analog Ambient Light Subtraction
    • Optional automatic exposure control supported by the multiset.
  • Global shutter
  • Integrated FPN fix mechanism, Low PRNU and very low dark noise.
  • 2 channels video parallel output speed up to 100 MHz 
  • Integrated configurable 8-12bit direct A/D 
  • Double buffer mode for high frame rate
  • Frame rate up to 300 fps (8-10 bits data)
  • Integrated Bandgap Reference.
  • Mirror & Flip image supported 
  • Power Supply 1.2 and 3.3 Volts +/- 10%
  • Low power consumption