NewSight develops CMOS  image sensor-based chips which are affordable and customizable for high volume markets in the following industries:

  • Autonomous home appliance robots (i.e. vacuum cleaning and mopping robot)
  • Automotive visual safety solutions
  • Drones

Our CMOS image sensor-based chip targets applications which require the following characteristics:

Cost effectiveness – our target applications are high volume and competitive markets

Low power consumption – suitable for rechargeable and battery operated products

High performance – require intensive algorithms and calculations

Analog and digital integration –  Non-disruptive coexistence

NewSight’s unique technology combines both digital processing and analog units on the same chip with best-in-class performance, accuracy, high resolution, sensitivity, re-chargeability and portability making it easy for high volume manufacturers to transition to our cutting edge technology.

Our image sensor chip technology uses BSI technology which improves pixel sensitivity by reducing metal reflections and an adjusted pixel size capability which is ideal for many applications.

Our close partnership with a FAB enables advanced CIS  technologies, such as backside illumination (BSI) which improves pixel sensitivity and helps reduce noise to allow high accuracy in LiDAR applications

Finally, NewSight’s expert development team’s knowledge of semiconductor technology has contributed to the creation of a patent pending, breakthrough CMOS image sensor-based chip that will dramatically enhance our customers’ ability to develop innovative products.

Competitive Advantage

Cost effective Superior solution for high volume and mass production markets compared to current options available in the market
Performance Allows high frame rate and processing capabilities
Customization Highly flexible design for purpose-built applications
Sensitivity High sensitivity, high dynamic range
Power Consumption Suitable for handheld and portable devices
Integration Integrate both analog sensor and SOC modules

 Laser LiDAR target markets

  • CMOS laser LiDAR image-based sensors for autonomous robotic home appliances

    NewSight CMOS laser LiDAR image based sensors provide images that accurately terrain map the indoor environment.

    Autonomous home appliances, such as a service mopping – vacuum cleaning robot, require CMOS image sensor technology that can create highly accurate  mapping, obstacle detection and object avoidance systems. They rely on receiving high resolution images and accurate data pertaining to objects and their distance from the device in order to avoid them. As a result, robotic manufacturers have a growing need for sensor technology that will allow them to build more precise, efficient and real time image analysis. NewSight builds CMOS image-based sensors for laser LiDAR that are designed with the exact characteristics and requirements for the autonomous home appliances robotic market.

  • CMOS laser LiDAR image based sensors for automotive visual safety solutions

    NewSight CMOS laser LiDAR image sensor-based chips provide the utmost sensitivity, performance and accuracy for visual safety solutions.

    Distance alert helps the driver keep a proper distance from nearby vehicles and potential hazards. The driver can select the distance to be maintained from the car in front and back. If the distance becomes shorter than the selected value, the driver receives visual information. The distance alert is tailored to help the driver using 3D imaging technology to seamlessly estimate speed and distance. It is an intelligent sensing – vision based technology in active and passive automotive safety systems  that use cameras for remote sensing. With the advantage of higher resolution for better object recognition, cameras are already being deployed in applications such as rear view enhancement, night vision, and lane departure warning. NewSight’s CMOS image sensor-based chip for laser LiDAR is designed and customized specifically for automotive visual safety solutions.

  • CMOS laser LiDAR image sensor based chips for the drone industry

    NewSight’s CMOS image sensor-based chip is designed to provide efficient, reliable and precise  realtime image processing for drones.

    Drone manufacturers are increasingly required to deliver a highly precise, geo-reference of 3D images and mapping capabilities. They use laser LiDAR which is a relatively new land surveying technique based on high precision laser scanners to allow the positioning and orientation of a laser beam as it hits an object, to a high degree of accuracy. Drones for laser LiDAR require building a realtime outdoor terrain map from high elevation with imagery that reveals objects hidden in vegetation as well as below ground level. NewSight’s CMOS image sensors have the sensitivity, customization and high volume measurement capability required  to create real time, ultra-high resolution aerial data maps for drones that will enable our customers to take informed and targeted actions.