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CMOS Image Sensor-Based Chips for Spectral Analysis


Newsight Imaging’s spectral analysis sensor-based chip is an excellent solution for applications, which require highly sensitive, spectral signature solutions with superb pixel technology.

Our spectral analysis sensor-based chips are ideal for:

  • Medical devices
  • Food industry

Competitive Advantage

Newsight’s advanced technology has proved to achieve superb results significantly surpassing those offered by other solutions currently offered in the market.

Our Technology offers the following advantages:

  • Portability – Specifically designed for portable and rechargeable device
  • Cost effectiveness – Highly integrated and customized to application
  • Power consumption – Low power dissipation
  • Performance – On-chip real time processing capabilities
  • Integration – Sensor, secured spectral signature, processing and IOT on chip
  • Sensitivity – Best in class pixel technology
  • Spectral Signature – Adjustable spectral signature to customer application

CMOS image sensor-based chips for spectral analysis markets

Medical devices

In spectroscopy, a sample is tested with broadband light source. The light that returns from sample is analyzed to determine its wavelength content. By comparing the source light with the collected light, we can analyze the molecular content of the sample.

Newsight’s chip offers high sensitivity and wavelength customization capability coupled with superior FAB technology. Our spectral analysis chip can identify markers of certain human diseases and abnormalities. So for example, to detect skin disease with a spectral instrument, the reflection spectrum can calculate the chromatic values, analyze it and compare the findings to data from a reliable source to come up with the final prognosis.

Newsight currently collaborates with an Israeli large medical center to provide the most accurate and reliable spectral analysis chip for medical devices. Newsight’s IP is based on years of research of spectral analysis of human tissues for medical purposes.

Newsight is eager to collaborate with potential customers to develop specific medical chips. Products based on a Newsight chip can be smaller, more efficient and highly accurate, giving our clients a competitive edge in promoting their medical innovations.

Food industry

Traces of chemical elements or contaminants can be often found in the food supply chain and can cause serious hazardous to human health. Versatile uses of spectral analysis enable the detection of many of these toxins rapidly and effectively.

There are a variety of methods used for this analytical process, but many are time consuming, inaccurate and expensive and require a complicated integration process.

Newsight provides a low cost, highly sensitive and customizable wavelength variation spectral analysis image sensor-based chip designed to detect the slightest presence of chemical and substance traces.

Our solution is an excellent solution for applications such as monitoring and quality control in industrial food processing as well as food safety in agricultural plant production.

Our spectral analysis technology can identify food contamination and toxic elements in food such as bacteria and measure the level of water content to determine decomposition. In the future, our technology will be able to detect and measure fat content and substances, such as salt and sugar.